Parking lots have a reseal clock that is similar to most residential driveways. This hovers around 18 months to every two years. However, parking lots are far more prone to having smaller damage incur on your property than the average homeowners. Here are some tips on identifying areas that need to be patched over, or when your lot needs to be sealed.

What causes asphalt damage?

Asphalt damage is commonly caused by heat and condensation build up. If you are in an area exposed to heavily inclement weather, you likely have seen cracks and swelling occur all over the lot. Unfortunately, this isn’t easily mendable on your side. You can certainly seal over cracks and mend those for the most part yourself. However, swelling and damage beyond basic cracking becomes a lot more difficult to handle on your own.

What are the best next steps for my parking lot?

Your best steps are to have a professional assess your damage, especially if you are unsure. Then, you can be provided professional assistance on how to move forward with a detailed course of action.

For any such questions, give us a call today. We’ll perform an on-site assessment of the property and prescribe how to proceed. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and getting to work soon!