As we approach summer, it’s important to remember how the heat will affect our furry friends. Here are some tips on being aware of your pet’s health, as well as how hot asphalt surfaces can get on walks.

Why does asphalt get so hot?

It very easily absorbs heat. This is a combination of asphalt’s color, the material, and the ability the sun has to melt it in some instances. For example, if its around 90 degrees outside, you’ll see asphalt shoot upwards of 130 degrees. This is not sustainable for humans to travel across, and the same can be said for dogs or other pets.

Testing the asphalt for your dog’s health

The simplest way to be sure of if the surface is too hot for your dog is to place your palm on it. After about 5-7 seconds, if you are unable to keep your hand on the surface, it’s far too hot. The alternatives as an owner are to acquire custom-made shoes for the pet, keeping their paws safe from the heat. Although, you can also make these yourself if they have been difficult to find.

For any questions on the safety or reliability of your asphalt, give us a call today. We’ll assess how your area heats up in the summer and what the climate has done to damage or manipulate your surface. We’re looking forward to speaking with you soon!