You may have sustained some summer asphalt damage on your property the past few months. Usually, these damages are pretty minor but need to be handled quickly. Otherwise, melted surfaces and cracks breaking out could cause major issues for your home residents. Here are some tips on fixing your asphalt damage from the heat, and keeping your surface in tip-top shape for the long haul.

Heat-Related Summer Asphalt Damage Signs

Melted Surfaces

Of course, melted portions of the surface will be the most common damage that will pop up. Depending on the climate and humidity of your area, the damage will vary in severity. Keep this in mind when you’re looking over the surface in closer detail.


Cracks are easier fixes, as they can be sealed with some special attention. You can even pick up a do-it-yourself kit from the store to seal up cracks fast. Otherwise, working with a professional is an option as well.


While these aren’t necessarily season-related, they can pop up commonly in summer with the excess heat. Potholes are tougher fixes and depending on the depth, may need repaving altogether. Luckily, we have some quick solutions for you.

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